High vibe money mindset, manifesting, business building and self-care practices to help you feel confident to show up & serve as the boss that you are and slay.

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Many alternative healers, practitioners and coaches out there understand the importance of getting their work out into the world and helping people - but there's a huge problem.

They are operating with zero strategy, pulled in a million different directions and constantly questioning their worth, big promise or unique offering, hiding, comparing or holding themselves back until they feel ready or confident to be seen as an expert...

It's exhausting ... and there is a better way!

Your problem is... you don't know where to start.

You have goals and dreams. You've worked hard to get to where you are at this point, but you know there is something bigger and better for you. You'd love to feel recognized, appreciated and valued. But you haven’t given yourself permission to thrive.

Or you have used the strategies that don't work.

You keep working harder. You invest in courses and classes and obtain one certification after another. Or you’ve just completed training and are not sure what to do next. You feel lost - like you're getting nowhere.

You're afraid to sound like a fraud or an imposter.

You have trouble talking about your expertise, gifts and talents with confidence - you don’t want to come off as bragging, yet you also feel you don’t sound as put together as the teachers, coaches and influencers you’ve been following.

Healers, service providers, entrepreneurs, and coaches don't have time
to focus on this stuff, am I right? 

Fortunately for you... I've found the formula for a better way.


"Show Up & Serve"

A 10 step process to help you get clear about the who, what, why and how in your business. Time to show up and serve with confidence so you can attract your ideal clients and thrive!

Want a Sneak Peek?

Session 1: Possibility

  • Shift from the impossible to I'M possible - together let's see it in your business so you can be it!

Session 2: Perspective

  • Shift from criticism to acceptance by claiming your worth and releasing your money blocks

Session 3: Positioning

  • Shift from being a seeker to a leader by sharing your hero's journey with vulnerability and power

Session 4: Purpose

  • Shift from being to general to being specific about your secret sauce - there are riches in the niches!

Session 5: Propose

  • Shift from uncertainty to confidence by creating an offer you a proud of that's a no brainer investment for your clients

Session 6: Presence

  • Shift from hiding to shining as a magnet for your ideal clients

Session 7: Power

  • Shift from surviving to thriving and empowering your potential clients to say yes to themselves

Session 8: Pleasure

  • Shift from pressure to pleasure by taking the hustle and grind out of business building

Session 9: Play

  • Shift from done to fun instead of obsessing about how everyone is so much better than you are or further along than you are

Session 10: Prosperity

  • Shift from stressed to blessed out of your money blocks
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PLUS... guidance to increase your inner & outer radiance is included!

The 28 Secrets to Glow Up book, written by Marianne, is included in your program and will be sent to you electronically!

Thought provoking questions, paradigm shifts, experiential exercises, challenges, templates and more are included with each session.

By the time you are finished with your program you will have your hero's journey story to use as an introduction for speaking gigs or as a killer bio on your website to position you as an authority in your field.

You will learn exercises to manifest abundance, prosperity and money that Marianne has used to achieve a $16K month working only 9 days in a pandemic!


...no longer starting then stopping in your business because you feel stuck.

How would life feel if you were proud and ready to share how you serve your people...

Imagine the feeling of being in charge of your life, contributing high value to your family, friends, community & planet, feeling like you are truly making a difference and having energy to spare.

How would your life be different if you could:

  • Call in exactly what you want and be supported to achieve it
  • Focus on the ONE THING you want to achieve and learn how to manifest it
  • Feel proud to present your work and market yourself
  • Use fun and ease as metrics of success in your business
  • Be seen as an authority in your field
  • Spend more time on the things that you love and less time on the things you don't
  • Live everyday on your own terms, with rituals that support and sustain your success

There's a secret behind true confidence and success...

It's time for you to be let in on that secret!


Marianne has an uncanny ability to gain deep insight into core issues and lead you through the labyrinth with compassion and grace. She has a treasure chest of techniques and skills to pull from and it’s always just the right thing at the right time. In short, Marianne is a gem and I highly recommend working with her! ~Amy Love | Owner of Real Food, Whole Health

If you’re looking for a coach with amazing intuition and the ability to balance energy, Marianne is your girl. She helped me prioritize and organize and get out of my own head. You can tell Marianne sincerely cares about your wellbeing and I can’t thank her enough for helping to get me back on track. ~Carrie Michelle Myers | Owner of AuthenticallyYOU with CarrieMichele Coaching

Marianne has been an incredible coach to me. The biggies we have worked on like self-confidence and me being “fully me” have created huge shifts.  Her techniques have helped rewire my brain and let go of past limiting beliefs that I’ve had forever.  ~Marielle Arix | Holistic Wellbeing & Beauty Therapist at Anamaya

Discover the methods and techniques to help you thrive!


I'm a certified life and health coach, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and esthetician! My biggest passion in life is helping men and women find their confidence through radical self-love and acceptance, skincare, self-care and mindset shifts so they can share their highest contributions proudly with the world.

I am the founder of projectgorgeous.com and mariannetalkovski.com where I serve hundreds of amazing men and women just like you to find clarity, joy, peace, love and their power!

I teach men and women the value of leading with SELF-CARE, TRANSFORMATION and LOVE first --- their energy is so supported and they feel happier, healthier, and more confident. I show them how to build businesses that are successful without sacrificing their souls.

I cannot wait to help you grow and expand into your next level of amazingness!

Is Show Up & Serve Right For You?

You're READY for Show Up & Serve if...

You want to make a difference in the world with your work.

You want to speak and write with confidence about your business.

You are ready to move past your self-doubt and insecurities!

You want to attract your ideal clients.

You are passionate about your career and ready to operate with ease.

You want to move the needle forward on self-care as a sustainable business practice by being an example.

You're tired of hiding or being broke.

You are ready for it to be easier.

You're willing to go all in.

For 4 payments of $697, we can start now.

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Show Up & Serve

Show Up & Serve is not right for you if...

You feel you've tried it all and can't fit in any new perspectives or shifts.

You aren't ready to learn new techniques to make an impact.

Deep down you don’t believe you can commit to your investment to yourself.

You'd rather do everything yourself.

You’re not an action-taker & want things to be perfect before proceeding.

You're too worried about what anyone else will think or need to focus on you first.

You aren't willing to be open.

You'd prefer to stay where you are.

You are comfortable being scared.

Pay $2497 in full, save $291 and start today.

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Show Up & Serve

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm not tech-savvy?
  • When will we have our sessions?

Not a problem! All you will need is email, a Zoom account (free version will do) and a strong internet connection.

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access my booking calendar. We will meet weekly for optimal results.

  • Will I have any extra costs to make this program work?
  • Why do I need a coach, can't I just figure this out on my own, for free?

No other extra costs! Once you make your deposit or pay in full after our consult call, we are ready to rock and roll - no additional fees required.

As your coach, I'm here to guide you through a proven process that will help you shift from what you're used to to what is possible. Of course you can figure things out on your own. One of the fastest ways to get from A to B is to learn from someone who has mapped out the way from their own experience.

Refund Policy

All of your payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.

This policy is in place to prevent anyone from holding a limited slot that a fully committed potential client would want. I know you would never do this, but unfortunately, there are some people out there who would. That is why I strictly enforce my no refund policy—to protect both of our most valued resources, our energy, so I can pay my dedicated team to deliver a phenomenal life-changing experience to you.

Want a teaser?

Not sure if you are ready to go all the way? This is the amuse bouche option or appetizer if you will. Start with 2 sessions - Possibility and Perspective. You'll be stretched into your vision, flipped upside down to see your world with fresh new eyes and empowered to share who you are as an expert to serve.

All for the low price of $497.

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Show Up & Serve 2 Sessions Intro

Order Summary
Show Up & Serve 2 Sessions Intro

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