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Glow in front of your audience, as the radiant entrepreneur you are!

Feel better, look better, put yourself out there as your unique self.

Do you find yourself struggling to put yourself out there in front of an audience for fear you will be discovered as "a fraud"?

Or maybe you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs and feeling like you just don't measure up?

Or do you find yourself striving for perfection and feeling like a failure?

How about feeling like you have to fit into a mold in order to succeed?

Does all of this leave you feeling tired and uninspired? 

I know that as women, we can be inundated with messages that we are not enough, not worthy, or not ready to shine as radiant powerful forces of strength and wisdom.  I’m here to tell you that all that is inside you is all that you need to share your messages and passions with the world – the rest of it is just noise that can show up in the form of imposter syndrome, comparison syndrome, perfectionism, copy cat syndrome and self-deprecation.  I have been there.  I know what it’s like to hold yourself back because you don’t feel like you are enough or you feel like everyone else has it together and you’re just not there yet.  I also know what it’s like to stop the noise, and take exquisite care of yourself.  Just the simple act of investing in your own worth and normalizing loving the skin you are in despite all of the societal conditioning that tells us otherwise is EMPOWERING.

It's time to Glow Up & Show Up as the dynamic woman that you are. Together we can curate your lifestyle with clarity, peace and trust, filled with pleasure, positivity, health & joy, while boosting your confidence to show up with radiance in front of your audience.


Make memories and be remembered.

 BARE SKIN is a virtual experience where together we assess what your skin needs and how to provide that consistently based on your budget, schedule and preferences in one 30 minute consultation with a personalized follow up video to revisit your routine time and time again.

 It’s online. Can’t make it into see Marianne in person? You can join from your living room. You have continued email support throughout the 2 weeks. When you sign up you get a link to set up a private appointment in the time that fits for you!

During these sessions, this is what happens:

  • Virtual Consultation 1-1: We cover your skin type, concerns, and personal recommendations. After session 1, you will receive your swag box that contains little doses of luxuries.
  • Personalized video: Once you receive your box, your video will reveal how to un-box your goodies and go over customized application.

 You get your FUN swag box full of self-care goodies, from skincare to body care, shipped to your doorstep valued at $500*! You also get access to 10+ short digestible videos of dynamic skincare, Gua Sha & Facial Roller routines (Love Your Skin launches August 2021 & Love Your Face launches Sept 2021)!

Once you receive your box, your video will reveal how to un-box your goodies and go over customized application.

*shipping rates will apply for orders outside of the United States

Yes, I want BARE Skin!

You'll also receive...

...The Love Your Skin & Face course bundle:

Love Your Skin: This is a 7 step process to eliminate overwhelm, confusion and procrastination about taking care of your skin naturally. Here's what we will cover:

  • Module 1 = Environmental Detox, which involves choosing the best products and cleaning up environmental influences
  • Module 2 = Pleasure, which includes enjoying your routines, mindfully
  • Module 3 = Attentive Nourishment, which focuses on choosing the appropriate products for your skin woes and skincare routines
  • Module 4 = Circulation, which introduces Gua Sha, Jade Rolling and Acupressure
  • Module 5 = Makeup, which is about being conscious of what you say while you add color to your routine
  • Module 6 = Mindset Detox, where we curate your social media influences
  • Module 7 = Be Seen, to make a scene and show who you are, with pride

Love Your Beauty Bundle (Love Your Skin & Face): Love Your Face & Beauty is a deep dive into Chinese Face Reading designed to help you embrace your wrinkles of expression and the meaning behind them so you can feel empowered to share your message at any age and stage of your life. Through this course, you will learn not only how to love your wrinkles, but also how to soften them so you truly love who you see in the mirror and reflect who you truly are to the world.

Included in your box as a bonus - a signed copy of my book “28 Secrets To Glow Up” which is an easy, practical read on how to transform physically, mentally and emotionally with the same holistic and conscious practices that have helped me to boost my energy while balancing building a business, nurturing a marriage, raising children and just living life!

Take a couple of weeks to feel healthy, happy, loving, and confident about your skin so you no longer hide from the camera, your family and friends, new opportunities, or from your biggest dreams.

In the span of 2 weeks+, we nail your skincare routine. Together, we get clear on what will make your skin healthy on the inside and outside, how to incorporate little doses of luxury in your daily routine with a SWAG box valued at $500 mailed directly to you*, a 30 minute virtual consultation and customized follow up video to map out your personal routine, and continued email support for 2 weeks. You also get access to 10+ short digestible videos of dynamic skincare AND Gua Sha & Facial Roller routines to get glowing results so you feel confident when it's lights, camera, or Zoom time.

Instead of purchasing hundreds of dollars in retail product to support a friend that ends up getting stored in your drawer, or feeling so overwhelmed and confused about what to do or how to take care of your largest organ that you end up doing nothing, take the time to once and for all feel good about the skin you are in.

Be proud to show up on conference calls, in family photos, on stage, or on video. Stop hiding or always being the one behind the camera. It's time to make memories and glow as the powerful presence that you are!

*shipping rates will apply for orders outside of the United States

Yes, I want BARE Skin!

Because it's my mission to empower women to love the skin they are in:

5% of proceeds from the sale of this course will be donated to www.makelovenotscars.org. Make Love Not Scars is an Indian charity that focuses on rehabilitating survivors of acid attacks.

Five Reasons to sign up for the personalized BARE SKIN experience:


Healthy skin glows. When you are taking care of yourself with proper nutrition and quality products, it shows. It can be overwhelming with so many options available at the click of a button. Marianne takes the time to make sure you get the best recommendations for the health of your skin while also considering your budget, schedule and preferences.


“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ~Roald Dahl

It's true. What you think and feel manifests on your face. In this program we focus on cultivating happiness that reflects back to you in your photos.


When you love yourself, everyone benefits. Many times we are taught to love ourselves is vain, selfish, conceited or narcissistic. Self-love is truly the answer to all pain, rejection, shame and despair. In this program, we cover daily rituals to promote self-love, your self-esteem and self-worth.


Once your skin starts glowing, it's only natural that people will notice and the camera will pick up your essence. It's time to own it!


Skincare is fun! Once you get comfortable on what your skin needs, what to do about it and how often you will see that your skin is your best accessory!

What Clients Are Saying

“My skin looks great!  It looks like it was lifted. And my hairdresser at Aveda told me my skin looks bright and dewy. By taking care of our face - we can rejoice in what is happening every day when we look at ourselves in the mirror.  We have friendship toward ourselves when we take care of our face.” ~Theresa B.

“I love all of the products...good to find something that is actually healthy for your skin." ~Linda B.

"My skin has been glowing since last week!" ~Lauren C.

"I've gotten several compliments on my skin since using the products and following my routine the past 2 days." ~Jill F.

"I was just in the bathroom looking at my glowing skin and feeling how smooth it is. It feels so good." ~Amy G.

Yes!  I want to GLOW w/support over 2 weeks, 
the $500 SWAG Box,  & Love Your Skin + Face course bundle

Meet Marianne.

The founder of Project Gorgeous and Rebel Beauties, Marianne is dedicated to elevating the way people see themselves. Marianne has been coaching clients since 2015, and serving as an acupuncturist and esthetician since 2008. She also has been an educator for a top skincare line since 2012 and gained her BARE Life coach certification in 2020. She was inspired by the BARE process, created by her mentor Susan Hyatt - a 7 step process to smash diet & hustle culture, and decided to create BARE Skin, a program to love the skin you're in with radical self-acceptance.

She guides her clients to find their most authentic expression of beauty in radical self-acceptance, regardless of the messages our culture has inundated us with to consume, perfect, compare, critique, and feel less than enough.  Her foundational teaching is that by investing in your self-care and owning who you are, the ultimate act of healing, love, connection, and beauty is activated not only in one's soul but for all humanity.  Since becoming a mother, Marianne is determined to create a world where her daughter knows what self-acceptance, self-care, self-healing, and self-love looks like.  Since committing to this message, she has never felt more radiant, happy, healthy and powerful. 


Not sure if this is for you?

This is for a woman who is ready to look and feel good in her own skin; has concerns about acne or maskne, sensitive skin, pigment issues and/or aging; wants to radiate in photos with or without makeup and wants to no longer feel overwhelmed or confused about her skincare routine.

What if I have allergies to products?

During your 1-1 virtual consultation you will have access to over a decade of expertise, where together we will go over your skin type, condition, concerns and goals. We will cover any allergies, preferences and challenges before making recommendations. You will also receive samples in your customized box to try before committing to the full size product, in case you experience a reaction and want to exchange an item.

What if I have severe skin issues?

All skin issues, types and conditions are welcome! Marianne has a background in holistic esthetics, Chinese herbal dermatology and holistic nutrition. Some issues can require 90-100 days of commitment to really anchor a shift in the skin, or require professional treatments, which is why the customized virtual consultation is offered to provide the ultimate plan and solutions for you.

What’s in the box?

Your customized box will include a range of items varying from: A signed copy of 28 Secrets to Glow Up written by Marianne, Gua Sha and roller tools, high quality internal supplements, flower essences, organic skincare products, natural fragrances and more. Marianne will personalize your box in case you already have certain items.

Is my purchase refundable?

Results take commitment. I am confident this program delivers high value and results, and because of the time, energy, resource and experience put into it, backed by many glowing reviews, this purchase is non-refundable.

Have more questions about this offer?

Send Marianne an email with your questions at marianne@projectgorgeous.com.


Sign up for the BARE SKIN experience below…then check your inbox for a confirmation note.

Here's what you'll get:

  • One 30 minute 1-1 virtual consultation
  • Email support over 2 weeks
  • $500 SWAG Box + a signed copy of 28 Secrets to Glow Up
  • Love Your Skin + Love Your Beauty course bundle (Love Your Skin launches August 2021 & Love Your Face launches Sept 2021)

Contact marianne@projectgorgeous.com if you have any questions. See you soon!

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