Take 3 months to:

  • increase your ENERGY
  • love yourself radically and UNAPOLOGETICALLY
  • attract what you DESIRE
  • make an impact with RADIANCE

In this 12 week program, we work on building a self-care strategy that prioritizes you first, so you can get laser-focused on that ONE THING you truly desire.

For the next 90 days, we work together to help you connect with your body’s intuition so you can lead the life you want to lead and attract what you want most in your career, love life, health, prosperity, relationships & more.

Through proven successful techniques, we cultivate your most precious gem – your ENERGY.

You may have already spent thousands of dollars on luxury skincare, cosmetic procedures, high-end fashion, therapy, diets, certifications and yet, you're still not feeling it. You can buy all of the things and still never look or feel like your favorite celebrity or influencer. In this program, we actually go deeper. Let go of the idea that you are not this dynamic woman yet because you need to lose 15-30+ pounds, or get rid of your chin waddle or cellulite. Stop avoiding the mirror or photos, speaking gigs, networking events and guest interviews because you feel unworthy that you "don't look the part", you don't have the support you need or "you're just not ready".

Gain confidence, clarity, empowerment & resonance to embody the dynamic woman in you, so you can manifest what you desire & make an impact with radiance. The investment that you make in yourself will actually give you what you are truly searching for, whether that's clarity, joy, peace, love, acceptance, power or anything else you desire.

Your time is NOW.

Apply HERE for the Attract & Impact With Radiance 1-1 Experience


The world craves your radiance.

 ATTRACT & IMPACT WITH RADIANCE is a 1-1 experience filled with energy hacks to help you gain clarity and own who you are authentically, with presence.  Create the life you crave and embody confidence as the woman you want to be.  Step up and heal yourself so others can heal as well.  Attract like-minded people in your circle, as friends, partners and/or clients.

 We'll meet via Zoom. Work with me from the comfort of your home or office for a customized experience with personalized attention weekly.

 Over the span of 3 months, you'll learn the 7 pillars of ATTRACT & IMPACT WITH RADIANCE  and practice experiential exercises plus prescriptive challenges to expand your possibilities, opportunities, growth and more.  You step into being who you want to be and you let the world know you are here.

 You get a FUN swag box full of self-care goodies, from skincare to body care filled with guided recommendations, valued at $500!

 5% of proceeds from the sale of this course will be donated to www.empowerweb.org. Empower is a charity that helps youth in industrialized nations have access to a better education.

Five Reasons to sign up for the personalized ATTRACT & IMPACT WITH RADIANCE experience:


Not sure what's weighing your energy down?  We get laser focused about what matters most to you, the outcomes you want, your core values, what you want to attract and how you want to make an impact. We also get clear on what boosts your energy, so you get super clear on what you say yes to and what you say no to.

2. JOY

Afraid to be you?  Worried about the past or the future?  Concerned about how you look and what people think? Together we cultivate your real, raw radiant message.  Speak from your heart and own the essence that makes you unique. Focus on expressing it authentically, no matter what the neighbors say. Step into that version of you who's living her best life.


Once you've clarified what you want and who you are, we get intentional and in alignment with your mind, body and spirit to consciously live it. We also build routines and rituals in your day-to-day that will sustain your energy and lifestyle as your new identity so you feel truly confident to unlock your power within.


Here we anchor in principles and techniques so you can feel from your heart and express from your soul the wisdom from within your body. Increase your energy, power and radiance with techniques to embody and embrace your vision, identity and heart. Elevate the way you see yourself and cultivate the number one relationship that affects all others - your relationship with yourself.


Release the gravity from the past.  Let go of the burdens and baggage that slow you down and stop your growth.  Step into your magnificence, attract what you desire and make a difference in the world.  Your spirit is the magnet.  Your body is the vessel.  No more hiding - let the world know you are here. We tune it up and turn it up here!


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Contact marianne@projectgorgeous.com if you have any questions. See you soon!

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About Marianne.

Marianne is a licensed acupuncturist, esthetician, Transformational Coaching MASTER CERTIFIED Coach, Certified Deep Transformational Coach and Certified Bare Coach.  She guides her clients to find their most authentic expression of beauty in radical self-acceptance, regardless of the messages our culture has inundated us with to consume, perfect, compare, critique and feel less than enough.  Her foundational teaching is that by investing in your self-care and owning who you are, the ultimate act of healing, love, connection and beauty is activated not only in one's soul, but for all humanity.  She stands for all humans to raise their voices against forces of oppression, especially diet culture.  Since becoming a mother, Marianne is determined to create a world where her daughter knows what self-acceptance, self-care, self-healing and self-love looks like.  She guides all walks of life through these tenets in her signature programs Picture Ready Skin, New You By Design and Attract & Impact With Radiance.  Since committing to this message, she has never feel more radiant, happy, healthy and powerful.